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Our Products

Our Core Services

We deliver you excellent value

At Chouhan Mining Enterprises, we understand the importance of value to our customers when buying Products.that’s why we offer quality products with a service that’s tailored directly to your needs.

We give you peace of mind

Often, for the most straightforward solution, heading straight to source is best; at Chouhan Mining Enterprises we’re one of the world’s leading producers of quality, Augite , Azurite, Biotite, Monazite, Conite, Sodalite and Macomite.

Our blueprint for the future

Our approach to sustainable mining is about a future in which enabling technologies, and collaborative partnerships shape an industry that is safer, more sustainable and efficient, delivering high-quality products and services reliably and competitively.

We help you manage risk better

We recognize the importance of de-risking your operations.we offer security of supply and competitive price and risk management, in order to keep your exposure to an absolute minimum.

We safeguard your reputation

We work around the clock to safeguard our customers’ reputations. we are committed to zero harm for all of our employees and are constantly investing in the futures of our mines’ host communities and their surrounding environments.

Tailored service

We offer market insight from across the value chain, market-based price management that reduces exposure to risk, and product that is supplied from both our own mines and the open market.

Our Products Listing

Our expertise in mining places us at the forefront of the industry

Products and Descriptions

Augite is used to make other alloys with special properties .it’s also used in medicine, cosmetics, engineering, construction, paint and a whole range of products we need for modern life.

The Azurite assets within Chouhan Mining Enterprise’s portfolio produce a high quality product ideal for serving more modern, highly-efficient, lower carbon intensity steel mills

Sodalit is used in fertilizers and can be mined through a relatively simple, low-energy, non-chemical production process. the fertilizer which will continue to be produced at the Project.

Technology is demanding increasingly sophisticated forms of steel. Pimite is a vital component of stainless steel and many advanced alloys.

Mining must transform in the decades ahead, starting now. To meet this challenge, we have applied our Future Smart Mining TM approach to the development of what we believe will be an industry-leading Sustainability Strategy.

Macomite diverse range of applications make it one of the most valued materials in the world today. Macomite has a great range of other uses in the chemical, electrical, medical, glass and petroleum industries.

Comapny Factors

At Chouhan Mining Enterprises, sustainability means adopting leading industry standards for the management of health, safety and the environment; transparently engaging with local communities and stakeholders.

Health and safety are the foundations of Chouhan Mining’s business and are the company’s most important corporate value. A strong health and safety record leads to positive relations in the communities where Chouhan Mining conducts business and contributes to Chouhan Mining’s social license to operate

Chouhan Mining Enterprises commits to engage early, engage often and engage throughout the life of the project, to establish relationships and trust. Respect and collaboration are key values when engaging with Chouhan Mining Enterprise’s communities of interest.

Chouhan Mining Enterprises proactively manages the environmental impact of its activities in all project and corporate locations. The company engages in meaningful and transparent consultation with communities of interest to inform of its project activities and adapt its plans where appropriate.

Mining must transform in the decades ahead, starting now. To meet this challenge, we have applied our Future Smart Mining TM approach to the development of what we believe will be an industry-leading Sustainability Strategy.

We are committed, through our involvement in international frameworks such as the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), to working with stakeholders in government, business and civil society to promote good governance, the responsible use of mineral wealth and to prevent corruption.

Chouhan Mining Enterprises commits to engage early, our workflow Optimization is a cross platform message optimization for all  our Clients. Contact Us

Our clients say

Chouhan Mining Enterprises commitment to customers in a more reason to be comfortable doing business with the company.
Hilary Leigh
Chouhan Mining Enterprises is just more than a company, to me is like dealing in business with my lovely family.
Hall Read
Thanks, Chouhan Mining Enterprises, you have a well trained team and committed team members
Quintin Angus
At Chouhan Mining Enterprises, it's a trial that convince me, and now it's the best place for me to deal. i am happy dealing here
Jillie Tempest